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Bangkok by Ozzie

We left Koh Tao at around 3 pm instead of 12,  under the rain and we took the catamaran then the bus to BKK, it was a long, very long trip we arrived at our destination at 9.30 pm. We took a taxi to our destination Udee Bangkok and stayed in a dorm for one […]


Ozzie in Thailand

Thailand was to be warm, sunny and welcoming and we had, cold, wet and miserable but not for long. KRABI We started in Krabi, a little town in the south. We rented a little 4×4 to go around and started with Tiger temple, to get to the top you have to climb 1237 steps, yep, […]


Quickly through the rest of Malaysia with Ozzie

As I have lost a lot of time not doing my blog and we already are in Cambodia shortly going to Vietnam I need to run through an awful amount of places. So lets bullet point them 🙂 Teman Negara: One of the oldest rainforest in the world, it was really exciting to go to. […]

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Too long without Ozzie’s news.

Guys, I am really sorry you haven’t heard anything from me for so long, I have been well…lazy….. Where did I leave you last, at the tea making right?? Oh but you didn’t hear about Kuala Lumpur. KL is big, busy and awesome. There is a lot to do for us kids and I’ll try […]


Tea, how do they make it?

Yes, how is the cuppa that you adults drink all the time made? in a tea plantation. the seeds,  the flower,     the tea leaves. Making tea is not as easy as we might think. First you obviously need to pick the leaves. Not that long ago they used to do it by hand […]

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Malaysia by legoman

We left Singapore in a bus to Melaka and let’s just say they are Angry Birds crazy. Anyway, my flip-flops broke and we bought some more. We found our guesthouse that will be our house for the next week it had an open area with large kitchen and a relaxing atmosphere. It was in Chinatown […]



Hello guys, Yes it’s me Oskar and I am still alive…just Half bitten to death by mosquitoes has been a great trip so far. We have been through Indonesia and it was great, I am sorry I haven’t kept you up to date but here are the best bits throughout Indonesia. Riding on scooters in […]