This is me, Tania, Taniouchka as my late beloved Mimi would have said, Russian from birth. Born from a French dad and an Austrian mum I lived in France for more than half my life…

I enjoyed my school education at the fabulous Rudolf Steiner School in Verrières le Buisson where I met remarkable people who helped me become the woman I am now; fun, loving, caring, compassionate, mad (as my kids would sometime say). And it’s true, I am the kind of mum who happily goes splashing about it big puddles getting wet to the bone just for the fun of it, go cycling in the wind and rain on top of the Ridgeway,  take the car for a smallish journey down to the beach because we want to see the sea. Spontaneous I guess, like this nutty expedition we are about to embark on.

It’s true; I always wanted to travel hence me leaving the beautiful French capital for the tiny village of Longworth in the amazing Oxfordshire countryside to learn English. The plan was to start in England and carry on from there, Scotland; which I did, on the back of a motorcycle with 2 amazing companions, Ireland, then back down to Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Romania etc…But no, after Scotland I went back to England, carried on with my job and my operatic commitment, met a wonderful man, whom I fell in love with and became my husband.

He was not the travelling type but none the less, we were happy, still are, and you can imagine my astonishment when I suggested this trip and he said yes…Oh my god.

So here we are, planning, organising, scheduling, arranging, making sure that we know what we are embarking on will be an everlasting memory.

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