Luky Luke

This is me, Luca. I am climbing on rocks and I love it because it is in my blood. I have 2 brothers, my 10 year old brother, Oskar, who is fabulous at Lego building; and Mateo, the cheeky, silly and funny one who is just playing karate and football while I am doing this.

I am looking forward to this trip and especially trying out my new flippers and snorkelling goggles in Indonesia. The elephant ride is going to be really thrilling too.

I will miss my lovely teacher, Miss Greig, my singing of the jelly song with cheeky Ms Barrett and my very dear friend, Amber as well as my great friends Dan and Archie and my nature friend, Ahmad.

I would have loved to stay in England but France is now my new home. I will start in my mummy’s old school when we come back, play in a massive park and I will be doing loads of arty stuff.

I love my family and I am doing this post with Mum.

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