Jonathan Pillet-Smith

So, this is me. 42 years old, I have my own company providing IT Consultancy in report writing for Agresso, data migration and installing and administering Wintel environments. Hang on, that’s what I do for a living, not what defines me!

Son of a Scotish father and an English mother, I’ve lived in the UK all of my life with the exception of a couple of years in Geneva. One older brother and a younger sister, we had a happy and loving upbringing with Family and Church at the centre of everything. Throughout my childhood music was always a large part of our lives and there is nothing that quite lifts the soul like listening to, playing, or singing music.

I graduated from St Andrews University in 1992 with a BSc (Hons) in Management Sciences I found a job in Management Accountancy. Whilst there I had the opportunity to get into Database Administration and discovered a natural flair for it. After further years of training and experience the company I worked for relocated so I set up my own company and have been independant ever since.

I think I may have mentioned that I quite like music, and its thanks to music that I met my beautiful wife when we sang in a local opera company’s production of Carmen – strangely apt as it was written by Georges Bizet. Together we set out upon our life together, but I realised that it would never work if I didn’t make the effort to learn the French language (my first encounter with la Famille Pillet wasn’t disasterous per se, but suffice to say I think I may have understood at least 3 words)  and adopt the culture for which they are famous (less hard to do as it involves great food and wine). When the boys arrived, I was adamant that they should not be so disadvantaged as their poor old Dad and have ensured that they have been brought up bilingual. I feel it only fair to say its quite annoying to have your French corrected by your 10 year old!

My other love is cricket. I make no apologies, I do love it. There is something quintessentially English about it. A game using bat and ball, but so much more than that. Its like a game of chess played on a very large board with each ball having the potential to change the balance of the game. Win, lose or draw, what a lovely way of spending a summer’s afternoon, gently ribbing team mates and (less gently) opposition whilst sending a leather wrapped cork ball at 60 mph over 22 yards in an effort to beat the bat and send the stumps flying!  I am sure it baffles many people; how can you have a game that is played over 5 days which can still end in a draw? Ah, but there is no mystery here, its Cricket. I will miss it while I am away and I wish the boys from Radley Cricket Club all the very best.

Thirteen years, two houses and three children later we have arrived at the now-or-never point. My current contract is coming to an end, Tania is working as a Teaching Assistant in term time only, Oskar is a year away from senior school and Luca and Mateo are now old enough to appreciate, and to benefit from, the sights, sounds and cultures we will experience on our travels.

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