Luca in Cambodia

The journey to Cambodia was long and tiring but we arrived safely after , taxi, train, tuktuk, walk, bus, taxi and tuktuk again. We ate at the hotel and went straight to bed for a long well earned rest of 12 hours.

Siem Reap

We then went to explore the town of Siem Reap. We ate at a great restaurant called Bamboo and I was craving lasagne, which they had, and it was delish, I ate ¾  and was very full, DSC 0773. There were men from the war with no arms or legs asking for money in exchange for post cards or books, they were very sweet and kind but I felt a bit weird looking at them. It was sad.

We then hired bicycles and I was really happy to cycle again, so on the next day we went to the temple of Angkor.DSC 0788

What a site, loads of ruins and beautiful sculptures every where. DSC 0819P1040381The trees were amazing, DSC 0807 P1040410 DSC 0857and there were loads of spider webs, DSC 0834.

My favourite temple was called Ta Prohm. It was like being in an Indiana Jones movie, the trees were eating the temple’s walls and it was a bit scary. P1040458DSC 1068 DSC 1201. We cycled back in the dark with no light on the bikes, Oskar was scared, I do not know why as I am not and I just followed the way.

The next day we saw some boys jumping into the river that was dirty but they made lots of flips and summersaults, i wanted to go in but Mummy and Daddy said “it’s tooooooooo dirty!!!”. The cheeky boys asked for some money and we said “No thank you”

DSC 1218

The day after that we went to see Bayon….

DSC 1237 P1040482 DSC 1234 P1040469 P1040485 P1040505 P1040520

and then we went on to Angkor Wat –  the main event!!

P1040535 DSC 1372 P1040551 DSC 1381 P1040564 DSC 1489 DSC 1494 DSC 1503 DSC 1509

I thought it was great. It was very fascinating with all of the Buddhas and the buildings were in pretty good shape, but when we came closer some of the stones were bad. We cycled home in the dark, and Oskar was scared again – I still don’t know why!

The next day we took a tuk-tuk to go to see the Citadel of Women. It was a long journey to get there and along the way mummy had trouble drinking her coffee on the bumpy road….


There is a video too which is very funny!

The stones were very red but there were lots of tourists and they kept getting in my way when I wanted to take pictures.

P1040628 The shape of the stones were very beautiful and well preserved and here is a picture of one… DSC 1556.

DSC 1574 Mummy was being very silly like the monkey statues DSC 1593.

We moved hotel to a place with a pool! It was awesome…P1040680 and afterwards we had Mateo’s birthday..DSC 1737 and took a ride in the Batmobile…P1040715

Kampong Cham

We went to Kampong Cham to see the Bamboo bridge… they have to build it every year as it gets washed away by the floods. We crossed over and rode around the island before swimming in the Mekong river.

DSC 1771 DSC 1782

It was fantastic.


Here we saw the Irrawaddy Dolphins…. we spent 1 hour on the boat. It was really exciting to see the dolphins and I felt really lucky. When we saw them I said I wish that Ahmed was here to see them too!

DSC 1819 DSC 2004 DSC 2070

Afterwards we went to a floating village and again went for a swim in the Mekong, I built a dam…

DSC 2088 DSC 2081

Phnom Penh

I didn’t really like Phnom Penh. The day we went to S21 and the Killing Fields I was sick on the tuk-tuk.

There was a very pretty girl at the Velkommin Guest House and she gave me lots of cuddles.

So there it is, Cambodia by Luca. I wish I could have brought the whole class with me and I would have liked to have been partners with Amber there. All there is left to say is bye bye everyone, and I miss you a lot.


  1. #1 by pauline on April 22, 2012 - 11:47 am

    A reat blog Luca. Lovely to see all your pictures but soooo much better spending time with you in Koh Samui and giving you lots of cuddles. Love NannyXXXXXXXXX

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