Thailand by Mighty Mat part 1

oh la la it has been a very long time since I gave you any news.

well I am back in Tahiland but I am not going to talk about this time yet…..

When we left Malaysia to Thailand it rained, and rained and rained but it was fun because it was warm and we splashed around like crazy dudes but then we had sun, sun and sun.


P1030336 We went to the tiger temple, it was awesome and we climbed up a lot of steps. There were 1237 and I was really tired. I wish there had been a pool at the top as I was hot, but instead of a pool there was an enormous Buddha. So I prayed and lit an incense stick, and the monks sang for us and gave me a blessed bracelet.

Koh Lanta

This island was really nice. We swam in the sea, played in the sea and enjoyed life and the many beautiful sunsets


Koh Tao

The bestets of the bestest…we stayed on the island for 1 month and over Christmas and New Year. I went to school with Luca, made some friends, met father christmas coming on the long tail boat and swam in the sea every day. I really really enjoyed this time.

We took the night ferry to get to this small island and we all slept in a big dormitory with lots of people and mum said there was some rats too but I didn’t see any….P1030456

My teacher, Ms Emily P1030579 and my school P1030584

Our house P1030624 where my friends Millie and Chloe lived next to and of course my friend Archie the dog.

Mum, Dad and Oskar learned how to dive P1030535 09 12 2011 080 and they loved it.

We moved on scooters and I even drove it. It felt awesome. P1030489

We made our christmas tree out of palm leaves and the decorations we created at school.DSC 0008 and father Christmas came P1030827 P1030635 and we danced, here you can see my friend Phoenix and Millie with Oskar on the dance floor;P1030650 it was magical but bizarre because it was really hot.P1030654 DSC 0014 DSC 0015

We spend a lot of time on the beach eating corn on the cobs that very nice men cooked in front of us P1030600 P1030711

and we dived from rocks and snorkelled a lot as well but this time we didn’t see any turtle P1030720


There were beautiful sunsets DSC 0075 P1030754 P1030501

We had new year’s eve on the beach with our friends, Rachel, Sue and Phil and we watched an amazing show with fire…it was awesome; we lit lanterns and made a wish

P1030835 P1030842 P1030845 P1030884

P1030888 P1030890


Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, crazy mad place but I love it. We stayed at SUK11 which is a hostel with lots of funny decorations. DSC 0700I had lots of toast every breakfast and some fresh fruit.

DSC 0004 2 DSC 0009 3 DSC 0683

We did a lot of sightseeing and took many different kinds of transport like boat, canal boat, taxi, pink, blue, yellow, green and also tuktuk, my favourite was the canal boat because it went really fast and we could see monitor lizards, the tuktuk driver was a bit crazy but all the tuktuks had super enormous exhaust pipes.

There is so much to talk about. We went to the Grand Palace where there was loads of gold and the little mirrors on the walls sparkled like diamonds. It was beautiful. We went to the Emerald Buddha Palace where the buddha was very small but really high up and we all prayed to Buddha and I was really happy.

DSC 0051 P1030918 DSC 0060 DSC 0093

DSC 0102 DSC 0145 DSC 0143. It was a really hot day but I loved it and then we went to eat at the market by the palace.

We also went to the Golden Mountain where there was lots and lots of bells to ring, some small, some big, some enormous and some didn’t have a clapper but the sound was fuzzy like a bumblebee and it echoed magically.

DSC 0032 3 P1030974 P1030978 DSC 0086 2 DSC 0096 2 While we were walking towards a park, I spotted an ENORMOUS monitor lizard. He was longer than me, probably as long as Oskar is tall DSC 0106 2

We walked a lot and so some more beautiful temples and Buddhas but I just want to show you how I eat my ice-cream in the heat. DSC 0743 DSC 0746 DSC 0750 DSC 0754 it was delish

Bye for now, I miss you and I love you.

  1. #1 by Pillet sonja on April 15, 2012 - 11:45 am

    Hello mighty mat, nice to read you and to see the lovely pictures, you really have a great time,send you lots of ksses, sonha

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