Too long without Ozzie’s news.

Guys, I am really sorry you haven’t heard anything from me for so long, I have been well…lazy…..

Where did I leave you last, at the tea making right?? Oh but you didn’t hear about Kuala Lumpur.

KL is big, busy and awesome. There is a lot to do for us kids and I’ll try to summarise what we did with pictures.

DSC 0021 that day was really hot and we went to refresh ourselves in a mini swimming pool by the Petronas Towers. It was really cool but not expected hence we are in our boxers!!

We were lucky to be there for Diwali, the festival of lights and that evening we walked to Little India, a quarter in the city with only Indian people. We were greeted very warmly and we were offer the chance to set up fireworks. It fizzed and banged from every corner and it felt  wicked.

DSC 0035 this man was a really awesome dad and let me have a go with almost every kind of fire works that they had.

DSC 0043 it looks like i am stunning someone…STUPEFY!!

DSC 0057 the smoke was like this everywhere.

Then we went to the Petronas towers P1020909 science centre and this was like a mind blowing place where you could touch and play with everything, it was for me the best place in the city.


P1020819 this was really weird, it looked as if there was a solid object but it was an hologram and we wanted to grab it but obviously it wasn’t there.

P1020826 here the mirrors kept on going and it was like an endless passage, our body was going up to infinity….

P1020839 Here is a real F1 car but we also had fun in a simulator.

We then went to a fabulous place called Batu cave where we had to climb a few steps with the monkeys DSC 0023P1020852

It was so cool inside it felt refreshing compare to the heat outside. There was chanting and a ceremony was taking place, with lots of smoke from the incense sticks. It was loud due to the echo of the cave but the atmosphere was quite astonishing.

DSC 0032DSC 0045DSC 0055.

Mum and I then went in the dark cave to listen to the bats and feel the spookiness of the complete darkness inside.

DSC 0103 Inside the dark cave the bats were dropping what is called guano into a pit in which lived a whole colony of cockroaches, some small and some really big, about as long as a thumb. It was gross and it smelt but it was very interesting to see all the different kind of insects and animals living in this place. We also did the experience of turning our flash lights off to try to see how dark it was and our guide told us that if you stood here in the dark for month your eyes would and could not adjust.

DSC 0127 the rocks were beautiful in their shapes, DSC 0121.

DSC 0130 long leg centipede, carnivores and poisonous, are as long as an adult middle finger. Unfortunately we didn’t see any snakes this time.

We went to the lake garden passing by a memorial, DSC 0020 with fabulous vegetation, like so DSC 0018DSC 0015DSC 0037DSC 0050DSC 0063.

We walked a lot that day and the sun was very hot but it was a pleasure for the eyes.

The islamic art museum had all the main mosques in the world in miniature, beautifully created and it made us travel around the world a little more.

P1020987P1020998. The Qū’ran was obviously represented and some of them were so elaborate you couldn’t tell how much detail there was on it.


There were a lot of artefacts and precious objects, furniture, fabrics, jewellery, and so on

P1030025P1030030.DSC 0041P1030038.

Also the domes in the museum were amazing. P1030040DSC 0027DSC 0024

On our last day, I tried doctor fish; special little fish called gurra fish which eat your dead skin. It was weird and very tickly DSC 0046P1030070.

That’s a wrap for KL.

  1. #1 by veronika pillet on January 29, 2012 - 5:39 pm

    well Oskar your comment was very interesting and I followed it with pleasure. But what you said is true, you are ages behind,..
    love from Mamika

  2. #2 by Scot Peacock on January 30, 2012 - 9:46 am

    Hey Oskar!

    I’m loving your blog. Fish eating your feet? Weird! Just as well nobody threw in some pirahna for a laugh! The cave looks amazing. Do you think Indiana Jones got lost in there? Perhaps he recovered some of the artifacts that were in the museum 😉
    The science centre looks really cool, too. I’ve seen that mirror hologram before. It really looks like the object is sticking up out of the bowl.
    There’s not much happening over here. I’m writing this in class as the students are attempting a practice assessment. Fancy swapping places? 😉
    Have a good one and big love to the family
    Scot xx

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