Quickly through the rest of Malaysia with Ozzie

As I have lost a lot of time not doing my blog and we already are in Cambodia shortly going to Vietnam I need to run through an awful amount of places.

So lets bullet point them ūüôā

  • Teman Negara: One of the oldest rainforest in the world, it was really exciting to go to. We saw extraordinary vegetation, far too many leaches but also heard beautiful and strange sounds. We walked the longest canopy walk in the world, 30 metres above the rainforest floor and trekked miles in the heat and humidity. But it will stay in my memory for a very long time.¬†DSC 0107,¬†DSC 0109,¬†DSC 0127,¬†P1020955 can you see the lizard’s legs?¬†DSC 0154,¬†DSC 0168,¬†P1020959 and a nicely rewarding swim¬†DSC 0181.
  • Taiping: a little town in the north of Malaysia where, by chance, we arrived for an international 4×4 competition. We had a go in a 4×4 going through obstacles and we climbed Maxwell hill, the hill where the competition was going to take place. It was really hard work but we were joined by a really nice chinese man who told us we could drink the water from the waterfall and it was so refreshing‚Ķ.but the burmese pool was also great after such long walk.¬†DSC 0036,¬†DSC 0031,¬†DSC 0034 ,¬†P1030176,¬†DSC 0046 ,¬†DSC 0044.
  • Penang: a big island that we reached by ferry is where the biggest toy museum is. From Star wars to Toy Story, from Mickey Mouse to the Gremlins, this guy had them all, although they were really badly presented, we were in our world. We also came across two beautiful Buddhist temples, a Thai one and a Burmese one. It was amazing.¬†P1030217 that is the Thai,¬†P1030230 that is the Burmese. A little street in Chinatown¬†DSC 0025. And now the toy museum¬†DSC 0054 DSC 0041 DSC 0052 DSC 0045 DSC 0047.

From Penang we went to Thailand and that is another blog….

bye for now, Ozzie

  1. #1 by pcsmith on January 31, 2012 - 8:10 pm

    Has my No one grandson turned into an Australian ????? Love NannyXXXXX

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