Ayutthaya by Mrs T part II

So I am back.

Wat Ratchaburana, is once more another ruin where you want to loose yourself in and come back to “earth” once you achieved what you were seeking for.

There are going to be more pictures, again, but obviously beautiful ones….

DSC 0571 P1040230 DSC 0595 DSC 0596 DSC 0598

DSC 0602 DSC 0599 DSC 0592 DSC 0593 DSC 0587

DSC 0585 DSC 0584 DSC 0583 DSC 0582


We then decided to do a mad crazy thing that was completely mental….sorry I am losing it right now, so all this to say we decided to leave the island on our bicycle, go over the bridge and join the madness that is the Thai traffic.

It was really exhilarating but really scary. It is funny how free I felt on the road, on those big Dutch type bicycle aiming for yet another temple. the boys were having fun and so did we.

Entering the compound of Wat Yai Chaimongkhon I felt elated. There was something really special about this place.

I decided to walk around rather than climbing up the steps first and I was welcomed by a multitude of Buddhas with their heads still on !!

Yes all the other temple that we’d visited where headless and it made a nice change.

They were all covered with their orange robes and the view was exquisite.

DSC 0633 DSC 0635 DSC 0638 DSC 0645 DSC 0656 DSC 0655 P1040274 DSC 0639 DSC 0641 DSC 0651.

We did our blessing, read our fortune and we went back on our bikes for the next and last temple of the day.

We wized through the traffic and arrived in time for a spectacular blessing. People were paying for Buddha to be dressed and then the dress was thrown on us so we could be blessed in return. A monk showered us with water for our blessing and the boys found that very amusing, who wouldn’t when the temperature outside is a very hot 32ºc?!

DSC 0666 DSC 0667 P1040287

We walked around Wat Phananchoeng temple and came across this beautiful boat completely made out of jade DSC 0675.

We return on the island by boat, with the 3 bikes….yes, it was quite unbelievable that the boat tools us as well as passengers.P1040298.

Tired after our long ride, the boys enjoyed a dip in the pool and then we headed to the night market for a very nice and cheap dinner served by a fabulous lady who didn’t understand any english but we got by.

DSC 0677 DSC 0679.

Goodbye Ayutthaya, we are heading back to Bangkok by train then our first tuk tuk ride in the capital and the last one. The boys now understood why tuk tuk are not so great…

DSC 0682.

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