Malaysia by legoman

We left Singapore in a bus to Melaka and let’s just say they are Angry Birds crazy. Anyway, my flip-flops broke and we bought some more. We found our guesthouse that will be our house for the next week it had an open area with large kitchen and a relaxing atmosphere.

It was in Chinatown and the whole district had open drains and was therefore very smelly.

The people here are not very friendly and it was a shock compared to Indonesia.

Melaka is full of different cultures from chinese, to Indian, to Malay – it is hard to know where you are.

I liked it there because of all the attractions. We went into a pirate ship; well actually it was a maritime museum housed in a replica of the “flora del mare” a portuguese ship that sailed the merchant trade routes to Europe.

We also went onto a WWII naval ship, probably not as great AS THE HMS Belfast but nonetheless it was great.

We saw lot of turrets and helicopters and there was a mortar turret that you could control. I stayed on it for a long time while waiting for the rain to stop.


Melaka 013.

Melaka used to be a very big trading port and when the portuguese came, in jealousy they destroyed almost everything. The Dutch arrived and took over from the Potuguese and you can see their influence in the design of the buildings. In 1795 the British arrived and saved the town from destruction and rebuilt what could be saved.

Melaka 060 Melaka 067 this is Porta de Santiago, the entrance of the Portugueuse fort that the dutch destroyed but Sir Raffles saved.  Melaka 182

Melaka 190 Melaka 045 this is the Stadthuys, the Dutch civic hall where all the trishaws awaits you, all as madly decorated as the others. Melaka 164 Melaka 158 Melaka 046 Melaka 068 this one had a whole music system installed on.

In Chinatown we stopped at a small café to try some dumplings and their were 6 or 7 chinese ladies singing karaoke which was pretty funny, Melaka 003.

To refresh ourselves we went to a water park in a shopping mall.

This is us having fun Melaka 003 Melaka 002 Melaka 001.

Next to our guesthouse their was a chinese cemetery, the biggest one in the world outside China. There were lots and lots of gravestone, some really old and some not. Their were all nicely spaced out. I felt relax and at peace, I didn’t have the feeling that we were in town more in the middle of nowhere as it was so quiet.

Melaka 018 Bukit Cina 005 Melaka 028 Melaka 034 on our way down from the hill, we came across miniatures model of a Chinese temple, the Flora del Mare, and the Stadthuys.

Bukit Cina 017 Bukit Cina 021 Melaka 043.

For our last night we went down to Jonkers Street where they close the road for cars so it looks like a big market of Chinese paraphernalia and food stalls. But one car took my fancy…..

Melaka 054 Melaka 058

Before we left for Kuala Lumpur, we went down to the river to see if we could see the massive monitor lizard that Mum said she saw. It was a giant one, bigger than her. We didn’t see it, but we did see a smaller one.

Melaka 068 Melaka 048

That’s it from me and Melaka. I will try to write again soon of my experiences in Kuala Lumpur – or KL as we locals call it!

Please leave me a comment, and tell everyone at school.

Oskar, Lego Man

  1. #1 by veronika on November 11, 2011 - 8:36 am

    salut mon petit Oskar d’amour – je suis heureuse de te lire et je trouve que votre voyage vous fait decouvrir des choses merveilleuses. je pense a toi tres fort et je te fais de big bisous – Mamika

  2. #2 by Pauline Smith on November 11, 2011 - 5:35 pm

    Lovely to read your perspective of the familiy’s travels. There is so much to stimulate your creative nature and by the sound of it that is just what is happening. It is good that you are able to see the different levels of wealth and indeed poverty on your journey as it makes one appreciate what we have.However as you have seen, there is much that we can learn from other civilisations. I am so pleased that you are enjoying your experiences, and look forward to hearing more from you. Take care, look after your brothers. Lots and lots of love Nanny and Grampy XXXXXXXX. Miss you loads!

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