Mighty Mat and the tea journey in Cameron Highlands

Hello everybody.

I just came back from a fabulous trip at a tea plantation.


It is enormous and you can walk in between the bushes.

DSC 0048

We went to the factory to find out how they make tea.

First they need to pick the leaves that look like that, DSC 0051 before they picked them up by hand but now they use a machine like that DSC 0080.

Then the leaves have to dry overnight and then they are pushed through a long tube on rollers machine, DSC 0057. They are then fermented for a few hours before that are sent on the drying machine on large tray.

DSC 0059 DSC 0062 that is the drying machine.

They dry for 20 minutes at about 100 degres C. then they sort the leaves out with this machine. DSC 0066 DSC 0067 and they end up in bags DSC 0068. You have the top tea, the great tea, the good tea, the ok tea and the not so good one that we all drink in tea bags.

We really had a fabulous day and that is how good it was DSC 0093 yeahhhhh.

Bye everyone. Love you lots.

Mighty Mat xxx

  1. #1 by Pauline Smith on November 9, 2011 - 12:52 pm

    Dear Mateo, What great fun! Did you try the tea yourself? I know that Mummy and Daddy were dying for a proper cuppa. Hope that they stocked up on some. You look really well and happy. Well done you. Miss you loads , lots of love Nanny and Grampy

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