Day 44-46 – Kuala Lumpur 29th-31st Oct 2011

29th October 2011

Not much to report today, homework, planning, blogs, blabbering and food. Some days you just have to be lazy I guess. But here’s an iconic photo we took.


30th October 2011

Today we finally took the time to visit the Lake Gardens. A vast green space to the West of Kuala Lumpur wherein can be found such marvels as the Bird Park – a huge tree filled area covered with a net and the largest in the world. Truly an amazing feat of engineering, but too expensive for our budget unfortunately. We walked from the hotel and started the tour at the National Monument, a dedication to all those who have fallen in the name of Malaysia. In the grounds on the way up to the monument we found sculptures from Asian countries …

DSC 0004 DSC 0007 DSC 0011

before climbing the hill to where the monument stands proudly overlooking the Lake Gardens.

DSC 0020 DSC 0021

and the wall of names commemorating those brave Malaysians who had fallen in combat. Taking a moment, we stopped to absorb the scene and to reflect in the way one does in the face of such a simple manifestation of the loss of life in a struggle for freedom.

Gathering ourselves, we descended to the Lake Gardens themselves and wandered slowly through the green landscape, stopping to snap photos along the way and to enjoy the colour lent to the landscape by the myriad of flowers dotted in between the shrubs, plants and trees. A very tranquil place interspersed with museums and buildings, butterfly, bird and deer parks and roads that were pounded by the crazy joggers swearing their way around the park in the heat and humidity.

P1020924 DSC 0045

DSC 0053 DSC 0058

We wanted to take in so much more in the park, the butterflies, the orchids and the Islamic Museum of Art. But we had to satisfy ourselves with the walk and a visit to the deer park before time and tummies decreed it was time to head home. On the way out of the Lake Gardens we passed the National Mosque, a magnificent building, before winding our way home.

DSC 0076 P1020941

31st October 2011

Sorry folks, another slow news day. Homework and packing our things – most to leave at the hotel, and the rest stuffed into Oskar and Luca’s rucksacks to take with us the following day to Taman Negara, the ancient rainforest in the middle of Penninsular Malaysia.

  1. #1 by Pauline Smith on November 8, 2011 - 4:15 pm

    Good to catch up with you once again. Dad and I have realised that our french will improve as we refer to the dictionary to translate Tania’s lovely reports. Life here is tame in comparison with the daily routine of gardening interspersed with challenges at the bridge table. Love to all mum and Dad.XXXXXXX

  2. #2 by veronika on November 11, 2011 - 8:46 am

    salut a toute ma petite famille, les photos deviennent absolument passionnantes – je vous envie de toutes ces decouvertes bisous Veronika

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