Day 5 – Bali 20th Sept 2011

No stress, no worries today – its school day! Armed with various French exercise books and the definitive books on grammar Tania and I set about leading the children through their school work. The exercises range from Mathematics through Grammar to Comprehension (which I also find helpful).

Mateo and Luca’s books are not too difficult for them, although they sometimes struggle with the vocabulary. Its Oskar I feel sorry for as Tania cracks the whip over auxiliary verbs Avoir and Etre and conjugations, Present, Past, Future, Past Historical , Plu Perfect and Conditional tenses; and to be fair, it should not have been him alone struggling with verb endings, but me also. A point to note for next school day methinks! French is a fiendishly tricky language to master and one which even some French people themselves don’t fully comprehend, so Oskar should take pride in his achievements rather than crying over his frustrations.

As a motivator for school there was the promise of some beach time in the afternoon, and we had decided to visit Kuta beach, a bit higher up than Jimbaran Bay. There was a bus stop at the end of the road from where we were staying – the buses and routes were relatively new I was told later – which upon investigation mentioned something about Kuta, so we reckoned that was a good bet!

The afternoon arrived and we set off to the bus stop in the sweltering heat, negotiated the crazy traffic to cross the street, and duly arrived at the bus stop. We queried a local man at the stop if this was the right stop for Kuta – this involved saying Kuta and pointing in the direction of traffic flow and nodding – to which we got a Kuta, smile and nod from the local. Excellent! The bus arrived, and pulled up to the elevated platform to grant us access for the princely sum of 23,000 Rp flat fee – no matter it seems how far you travel along the Nusa Dua – Batanbang Terminal route. A rather helpful lady who spoke good English chatted with us and asked about where we were from and how old the children were – “Oh, 3 boys” with a knowing look. It seems I must have “the right stuff” to have produced 3 boys.

Anyway, the nice lady told us where to alight (Central Park) as it was a shorter walk to the beach. Duly deposited, we set off for a 2km walk and eventually arrived at the beach. Now, it wasn’t Kuta beach, but Legian its neighbour, and a surfers’ paradise. But the shallows were fun to play in and we spent a nice hour or so before food beckoned and we headed off to a little restaurant called Utopia where they had WiFi. The boys were intrigued by the skeleton sharks’ jaws and the fish box in which they kept the catch of the day. The food was so-so, but we had the opportunity to catch up with the world and deal with various emails, and of course to post some words to the blog.

With lunch over, we headed back to the beach. It was not long till sunset so we had the time to have a quick dip as the fiery ball met the sea and the sky turned crimson and orange. It was a truly beautiful sight to behold and we joined the beachful of fellow sunset gazers to witness the spectacle in reverent awe. Packing up, we set off on our return journey. With ease we retraced our steps to the bus stop at Central Park, but to our surprise there was no stop on the other side of the road (as in most European countries). Upon enquiring with the official man whose job it is to sit all day at the bus stop and check the time of the bus when it arrives, he told us that the return bus stopped at the same place as we had arrived. So we sat down and duly waited, and waited, and waited. Every bus that arrived we were informed was not the one we wanted, and that ours was the next one. Eventually after 8 buses passed and an hour or so of waiting, the No 2 bus we wanted arrived, and we were on our way.

We got back home at 8.30pm and after a few games of Uno we put the kiddies to bed. We would leave the packing till tomorrow, we needed to sleep. Thereby ended our last day in Jimbaran. Tomorrow we were leaving for Ubud, to pass a few days there before moving onto Lombok or Flores.

  1. #1 by Pauline Smith on September 24, 2011 - 2:30 pm

    Aren’t you having fun!!!! Do hope you were not too sweltered waiting for your buses. Keep smiling Love Mum and Dad XXX

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